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About Us

Ed & Kel Solicitors is a leading Client-centred Law practice Firm of highly qualified and experienced Lawyers primarily aimed at providing function specific professional services to public and privately held commercial businesses, financial institutions, Governments, Schools of learning, Non-Governmental (Profit) Organizations as well as to private individuals.

At Ed & Kel Solicitors we indulge in the general law practice, however, in order to achieve the highest level of excellence and remain atop our game we chose to focus on a limited sector of the law practice. To this end we have carved a niche in the Corporate and Commercial law practice wherein we have competencies in Intellectual Property law; Copyright Protection, Trademark Registration, Trade Secret Protection, Designs and Patent right licensing. And towards resolving business transactions disputes we engage actively in commercial litigation through Courts with competent jurisdictions while employing Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms whenever the need arises.

The activities of Ed & Kel Solicitors are supported in the process of building strategic alliances in the market place through the employment of skills and knowledge from reliable service providers in providing total solutions to Clients in an ever changing commercial environment, bearing in mind the rapid changes in the Technological and Commercial realm, coupled with the realities and effects of economics uncertainties.

Towards rendering global business solutions, Ed & Kel Solicitors has strategic alliance with International Networks of Lawyers in Law Firms around the world in a bid to render standard and up-to-date world-class cross border professional services to Clients outside Nigeria and being mindful of our reputation we strive to achieve the highest level of excellence in professionalism.

 Our Mission

Our Mission in Ed & Kel Solicitors is to add value to our Clients’ businesses by rendering prompt, efficient, honest, ethical and Godly representation and advisory services so as to enable them achieve their individual and corporate goals.

Our goal

The goal of Ed & Kel Solicitors is be a globally renowned leading and distinguished Law Firm that delivers excellent Client service with utmost professionalism and provide fulfilling careers to its people.

 Core Values:

Ed & Kel Solicitors’ core values are; Integrity, Value, and Satisfaction

Our operation:

Practice in Ed & Kel Solicitors is both individualistic and team-driven in order to provide personalized and value added service. Through team work, consistency in service delivery, diligence in legal research and an IT supported practice which have become the Firm’s main competitive edge in practice we move efficiently with knowledge of the terrain and high-level contacts to initiate and complete business deals, have them perfected or pass the requirements of regulation, solve or mitigate problems, evaluate options and deliver to the Client the optimal solution in each circumstance. We also encourage links and networks for business and strategic alliances for and among our Clients.

We have logistical means to deliver services locally and internationally and with the required efficiency. We also have access to an up-to-date Library with copies of the relevant law reports and other legal materials from foreign jurisdictions with persuasive value for analysis and comparability. The main work ethic and culture in Ed & Kel Solicitors is Client –first. To this end we strive first to understand clients’ business and then focus on helping them achieve business goals and speak to them about the law in terms of how it can help them achieve those business goals.